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Cracked Screen

Have you recently dropped your phone and smashed the screen on your mobile device? Our highly trained technicians can repair your screen on site within 1 hour and sometimes if booked in advance 1/2 hour. All screens are checked twice once in place and guaranteed for any additional damages.

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Water Damage

Water damage is a very common problem with all handheld devices, whether this has come from rain, puddles or the most common, dropping in the toilet or washing up bowl. We can repair any type of device in-store at which point we will establish the extent of the damage.


Speaker NOT Working

Speakers are prone to clogging up with dust and debris which in return can cause the speaker not to work either externally or internally. We will open up the speaker, remove any debris or dust and clean the speaker to ensure its back to full working condition. Most repairs are done within 1 hour.


NO Signal

If you are having problems with your signal in certain locations and working in other areas, then this is down to your network provider. If you are experiencing a constant loss of signal then bring your device into store where we will diagnose the issue. Some issues can take longer than others, so please bare in mind this will vary in time.


Broken Buttons

Something that doesn't happen very often, but like anything else with a slight gap, buttons can often build up dust and debris and clog up the button, refraining the button to work. Something we can easily fix in-store by removing the button, cleaning the device and applying a new button.


Dead Battery

Dead batteries are a common problem with phones that haven't been used for a while and sometimes refrains the device from turning on as well as the complete loss of battery life. We will replace your battery with a guaranteed manufactures standard battery.

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